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My Brother's Wife 2 By: Mona

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Highly Recommended!!!

       My Brother's Wife 2


 PublishedMay 15th, 2016 



In this second installment of My Brother’s Wife, emotions are at an all time high. Lines have been crossed, loyalties have been tested, bonds have been broken and more secrets will be revealed. The two brothers are at war and the infamous deal between Andre and Malachi has been exposed.

Arianna and Malachi have committed a heart wrenching betrayal, which will unleash the hidden beast in Andre, causing a physical confrontation.

Andre’s heart has been broken and his 
emotions have spiraled out of control. The brotherhood he shared with Malachi is now rocky and his marriage to Arianna is in turmoil.

In the aftermath of betrayal; Andre’s love and what his heart really wants are in question, as well as Malachi’s actions, true intentions and loyalty. Arianna must make a difficult choice.

In the midst of this love triangle; a custody battle unfolds between Ava and Jason leading to their heartfelt secrets that will change their lives forever. Once Ava’s secret is revealed, will she be open to love again or will she hold on to hurt from the past?

Angeline and Desmond’s attraction to each other are undeniable, however, fear, trust issues and insecurities based on Desmond’s past makes it difficult for her to come to terms with her true feelings.

Rolonda and Ian are ready to unveil their relationship to everyone around them, which will result in shocking secrets no one saw coming, including Ian’s deepest secret of all.

Will Desmond and Angeline quit their cat and mouse game? Will Rolonda and Ian’s relationship be welcomed or will it cause tension and confusion? And will Ian’s secret lead to tragedy?

The story of Malachi, Andre and Arianna continues and will have you on the edge of your seat as the battle for Arianna’s heart begins.

My Review

To all my book loving friends, let me start by telling you Mona has done it again. She has written an amazing sequel to My Brother's Wife Part 1. In part 1 she left me with the cliff hanger that had me begging to read part 2. And let me tell you something part 2 will have you itching to find out what happens in part 3 as well as dying to read "a Man's Heart Desmond's Story.

You will have no problems picking up where you left off. Mona has written an amazing, perfect continuation to this squeal. Now the betrayal that RiRi and Mal did was crazy. But what’s more crazy is Mal's Delusional state of mind. But wait there's more.

There are going to be some hidden truths exposed and it is mind boggling. I am still in shocked with the details. But you guys already know I won’t spill the tea on that. You must go and get yourself this amazing read. I promise you that you will not regret it. Prepare you wine and popcorn when you read book, trust you will thank me later. 

If you are interested in reading this book I have provided the information below where you can purchase this great read. I have also included the authors’ bio and info below. Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions about this book or my blog. Happy Reading Fellow Book Lovers!!!!

About the Author

Mona Altidort's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person
Mona Altidort was born on March 8, 1973 in Elizabeth, NJ. Although Mona was born here in the United States, she started her early education in her parent's birth place, Cabaret Haiti where she moved to when she was only two years of age. Upon returning to the states at the age of six, Mona was not able to speak a word of English. As time went on she slowly learned English, however she lost her ability to speak French. English became her primary language as Creole, not quite French, became her secondary. Mona's love of writing became apparent at the age of eight. Her ability to create a plot to a story and fictional characters on the spot didn't go unnoticed as she started winning different essays and short story competitions. By the age of 15, she was writing countless short stories, poems and eventually developed her love for writing screen plays. In 2003 she wrote a short screen play called "Why Me" and from their her passion grew. Mona is thrilled she's finally able to share her gift with the world.
She currently has more projects she is currently working. Mona is a mother of three beautiful girls and currently lives in New Jersey.

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