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Crazy Good Love (Crazy Love Series Book 1) By MF Isaacs

Crazy Good Love (Crazy Love Series Book 1) by [Isaacs, MF]
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Highly Recommended

Crazy Good Love

By: MF Isaacs 

PublishedJanuary 24, 2017



After 18 years of being sheltered by my dad and brothers, the only thing I want is to go off to college and experience life like any other girl my age. I’ve spent endless hours dreaming of ditching dad approved clothes and brother approved social events.

I want to make my own friends and explore...relationships.

I wasn’t prepared for my dad and brother to embrace Steve, the tattooed man who was hanging out shirtless in my dorm room on move in day. How can I explore friendships much less relationships when Steve has taken over as my primary protector? Acting like my brothers used to, only the feelings he invokes are nothing brotherly.

I just want to explore...Steve Morrison, the alpha male who happens to be my roommates overprotective brother.


All that is left of my family is Curtis, my fraternal twin brother and Sierra our younger sister. My mission is to protect Sierra with everything I am. I will be there to prevent her from being sucked into the typical college experiences including dating and partying. No way will I let her fall for the stupid guys on campus.

I won’t let her be distracted by anyone…even her roommate.

I have reasons for needing to protect Sierra. Most guys my age wouldn’t understand, but most guys haven’t experienced what I have. I don’t care what people think about me. My mission is clear.

I won’t be distracted by anyone...even her roommate

My Review 

      I honestly enjoyed reading this book. It was honestly a perfect mixture of, sex, romance,laughter, and more. There was nothing bad at all about this book. I loved the character's, I loved the story. But what I truly loved was how the author gave you both character's sides of view on what was going on.
      When you read this I swear you are gonna start thinking about, Is love at first site real? Can Mr. Perfect be right in front of me? Does chivalry still exists? I know these thought's where on my mind will reading this?
      So if you are a female reading this and have older brother's you are going to love this book as well as you will definitely be able to relate to this book. You will also laugh at how overly protective a father is to his daughter and how brother's can be overly protective as well.
      There was also one big thing that I truly loved about this book. You dont hear about this anymore, so this made the book even better. When is the last time you read or heard about couples saving themselves for marriage? Waiting to find that perfect Man or women and wait until the day you say "I Do", To give yourself completely to you true love. You honestly never hear about that anymore let alone read it. I hope my daughter can wait till marriage I will be the happiest women alive. LOL (I know half you parents are thinking the same thing) 
     I really recommend this book. It is an amazing read.You will love it beginning to end. I couldn't put down this book. I think i was grinning from ear to ear reading this book. I am patiently waiting for part 2 to be released. I must Know what happens in this romance.      

If you are interested in reading this book I have provided the information below where you can purchase this great read. I have also include the authors bio and info below. Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions about this book or my blog. Happy Reading Fellow Book Lovers!!!!

About the Author

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Mary Frances (Gough) Isaacs
Born and raised in Washington State (GO SEAHAWKS!)
Moved to South East Alaska in 2002
Wife to the ultimate Crazy guy-Jess (Dewey) Isaacs
Mother to 5 CRAZier kids....Three boys & two girls
Sister to four amazing and talented sisters
Daughter of the originals whom I get my craziness from

Dewey and I met while working in Duvall, Washington. We were co-workers by day, secretly dating by night; until the day he quit when I announced to all our co-workers that we'd been dating for months. One of the many things I loved about him was that he already had two CUTE kids. When we got engaged I thought it was important to be near the two older kids, who live in SE Alaska with their I had the bright idea that we should move. It was decided that we'd live in SE Alaska for 10 years, since the younger of the two kids was in second grade. I figured we'd stay until she graduated high school, she has recently graduated from college. Now the youngest of the additional crazy cute kids is in 5th grade. Maybe someday we'll move out of SE the mean time we've made it our home. (And the people here are crazier than we are, so it's okay)

By day I am the branch manager of our local credit union, by night I am either: reading, writing, parenting, cooking or cleaning. Usually in that order, thankfully my kids are old enough to make PB&J, Ramen noodles and eggs. And my husband likes to clean.....likes might be too strong of a word, but he cleans (more than I do).

In 2012 my husband had a pretty nasty accident, while trying to clean the gutters out he slid off the roof from the second story. Long sad story made short, our lives changed that day in so many ways. We have made the best of our situation and will always be thankful that he came through alive. It hasn't always been easy, which is when and why I turned to books. I have a million different quotes about reading....and they are all true.

You can't buy happiness but you can buy books and that's kind of the same thing
"One more chapter..." I whispered two hours ago.
If I had a dollar for every time I felt more emotion for a fictional character than people in real life, I could pay for the psychiatric help I obviously need.
My boyfriend is battery operated. (By a Kindle. You perv.)
I have a sleeping's called reading

You get my point, right???
My books read total for 2014, 2015 and year to date 2016: 1,400
I will deny, deny, deny that I have spent that much money on books. Kindle Unlimited, right!

June 14, 2016 after approximately 23 (minus a couple pregnancies) years as a smoker I quit! Woo hoo. Hardest damn thing I've ever done. After the initial shock to my system I quickly discovered, my brain couldn't sit still long enough to keep up with reading like I was use to. Instead, it wandered and created plot twists that never took place.

Fast forward to today....I am still reading. I still stop what I am doing to read the new releases from all my FAVORITES! I have just added writing my own to the mix. I've joined a few groups on goodreads and beta read for others that are in the same boat as me. My debut novel is currently in the hands of the editor. I'm excited, I'm nervous and I'm anxious to share it with the world.

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