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Her Street Life 2 By: Dachele McCray

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Not recommended 

Her Street Life 2

By: Dachele McCray

Published: - April 15th 2016


This book continues situations in Nicole’s life that lead her down a rough path dealing with her mother’s death. Todd doesn’t care about nothing except his money and Nicole finds that out the hard way. Nicole gets to experience something that will take her to a whole new level of the fast life. Someone comes back that plays a big part in Nicole’s life. Will Nicole finally give Keith a chance to get her away from all this madness? Or will she rebel and continue to live the life she’s been living full of lust and pain? Find out if Nicole’s street life will get the best of her or will she survive Her Street Life.

My Review

      Okay Part 2 continues right were the first book ended so there are no surprises there. Now I do like the direction the author is going with this book. But again it does need a lot of work. In my previous post I did mention that the print in the book is very large. This is the same case for this book as well. Also the book was very short. From beginning to End it took me an hour to read.       
      I do think part 1 and 2 should have been combined. There was absolutely no need for this to be two parts. The cover work of the book also needs to be changed. Again I do think it has potential but it truly needs work. I do not recommend reading this until this is revised. It can be an amazing read. 
      Please if you do want to take a chance and read this book go right ahead. This is my personal opinion and view as a reader on this book. In no case shape or form am I trying to discourage you or shame the author. That's not my style. I am a Book worm who loves to read and gives all books a try. But if I do fell something needs work or could be better I will give my honest opinion.

If you are interested in reading this book I have provided the information below where 
you can purchase this great read. I have also included the authors’ bio and info below. Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions about this book or my blog. Happy Reading Fellow Book Lovers!!!!

About the Author

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My name is Author Dachele McCray, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Kentucky is 1999. I am a poetry writer. I started writing at the age of 8. Ever since then I’ve never put down my pen. I have a passion for writing. I enjoy expressing life in an extremely creative way; my books are based on reality and may contain critical thinking. Poetry that I write about is from my perceptive, life’s adventures, unexpected missions along the way, it’s a journey that outline different emotional circumstances. When I write, I give 100% percent of my characters personality, discovering different senses of humor from both points of views. My literary influences are Nikki Giovanni; she was straight forward with her writing and everything she wrote reflected with life. Another writer that I relate to is Dr. Maya Angelou; her poems are gifted segments of life and truth of situations that stand before our very eyes in which sometimes we like to overlook. I am my inspiration to write. Reason why is because if I don’t believe in myself, how could others. This is a gift that God has granted me with and I release all my tools he gave me to perform excellent work in my writing. When I write, each book is related to women, men, children, and teens. Some books are for adults only. Mainly I try my best to reach out to everyone to the best of my ability. My TBR List: Anyone who wants advice in life. Adults and children trying to seek advice. I try to make all my books truly written and with a message behind each one. Adult books for adults, teen books for teens and children books for children only. What’s unique about me ; well I can say that I have a powerful mind that help me to write on many different levels, and I am a very strong woman that believes in God and have the potential to overcome everyday battles. I am determined to stay devoted to my readers and have a positive correction.

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