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V Is For Victoria By: Lette

V is for Victoria: A Day in the Life of Them Vassar Girls Series Novel Volume 1 / Book 1 (A Day in the Life of Them Vassar Girls Novel) by [Lette]

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V Is For Victoria

By: Lette

Published: January 16, 2017


3 years ago, Victoria Vassar ran away from the one man in her life, Brian "Blue" Bluedell, who wanted nothing but to love her and make her happy, due to her fear of commitment. She ran away leaving the state but through it all she gets through the tough times with the support of her 3 sisters, Veronica, Vernesha and Viola Vassar. 3 years after leaving her hometown of Detroit, Michigan she returns due to a new job opportunity and by sheer coincidence she runs back into Blue in the most odd of circumstances. She realizes that she made the biggest mistake of her life by running away but unfortunately, he has moved on. Seeing him let her know that even after all of their time apart, she never stopped loving him and she now has to face the fact of living with herself knowing that she may never find anyone to love her the way the Blue once did? She knows that she has got to move on. Or does she?

My Review

      So this was an interesting short story. I actually likes it very much and i am intrigued to read the other 2 to this series. 
      I know a few men and women can truly relate to this story. Having commitment issues. Scared that marriage can change everything you have and built with one another, and how your feeling and love for someone can never away from one another for years. 
      Love is a powerful thing and it will make you do some crazy thing. Love will also change your life completely and show you what true happiness is. 
      This is truly a great read and worth reading. It has its little twist which you will like. So you must read this. I know you will love it 

If you are interested in reading this book I have Provided the information below where you can purchase this great read. I have also included the authors bio and info below. Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions about this book or my blog below. 
Happy Reading Fellow Book Lovers!!!!!

About The Author

Starting out while in her teens, Lette has always written for her own personal enjoyment, writing countless poems, short stories and doing creative writing projects. She has tried a number of times to complete a novel but could never quite get past a certain chapter due to writer's block, until now. Lette has been writing pretty much all of her life, but has just now come to the forefront of presenting her works to the world. Dishing out her first, of hopefully many of a series of novels, she got past her block and pushed out her first 3 books in less than a months time, crediting life's shares of ups and downs as her inspiration. Lette is currently working on Book 4 within the first series. A Hartsville, SC native, she was primarily raised in Detroit, MI where she raised her family. Lette is a woman of many hats. Besides being a writer, she is a mother of 2, a grandmother of 5, a Class A CDL Truck Driver, a Freight Broker and an all around transportation guru. After many years, she relocated back to her hometown, Hartsville, SC where she currently resides.

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